Tomorrow is a big day for me. I’ve been pretty unhappy with my life lately, so tomorrow onwards I’m going to start being proactive (and active), start eating healthy, actually studying, saving money, etc so I can start feeling better about myself.

I’m also going to be quitting weed (only smoking at social occasions from tomorrow onwards, like how I did with tobacco). It’s been a while coming, I figure I’d be quitting sooner or later because smoking was never a permanent thing.

Also I’m just fucking sick of people making me feel like shit for smoking weed. I remember a bunch of instances of people talking shit about me smoking, just like when people would make remarks about my weight in high school, they stick with me forever.
People are less judgmental about cigarettes, which I think is nuts.

So the next few weeks are going to be pretty full on, but we’ll see how this goes.

At least I think I’m funny

Time to DJ away the disappointment!


dude. okay. I just saw Wave Racer and Rustie. They were insane.

Oh man oh man oh man! How was Rustie? I’ve just been sitting around frowning and listening to Slasherr. What were your highlights?